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Kids & Teens (17 and under)


I love working with young actors who are just starting out as well as those with tons of on-camera or stage experience!

Teens usually need a great commercial shot as well as a solid theatrical look and might be fine with just 3-4 looks. However, some individuals can need an adult-sized session (teen girls with long hair who also may need guidance with the fresh, very light to no make-up look most agents want, for instance, or who need both straight and curly hair looks, for another example). Be sure to check in with me on pricing and session needs for high-school aged teens.

Most grade school and middle school age ranges won't need the larger portfolio that older teens and adults require. So we tend to get this in a shorter session with fewer looks. Confer with agents and managers about this but if you are looking for representation for your child, I work with a lot of new-to-the-biz young talent with great results.

Let's get that college fund going!

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